About us

Inc. „Priegole” was established in 1998, 15 of October.

Our company's core activity is wood and stone treatment. During the entire lifetime of the company, we have gained significant experience in production of log houses, which are appreciated by our customers.

Our company is a small business with fourteen employees. A small number of employees helps to be flexible in negotiation of the variety needs of the customers and to offer a mutually acceptable solution.

Our moto - nothing is impossible, just have a desire!



Nowadays, the log houses improve and their demand is rising, more and more people want to have a summer house or a residential house made of logs. We offer machining creation of round logs, of cut logs and of squared beam. Mostly for the log summer houses or for saunas 18 cm diameter logs (or 15 cm width cut logs) are enough, while living houses offered from 22 to 26 cm diameter (or from 18 to 22 cm width cut logs).

Our company manufacture the products which are not treated with any chemical products, unless the client wishes to do so. Therefore, our log houses are extremely environmentally friendly. The prices of log buildings depends on the type and on the diameter of the log and are between 60 - 110 Euro for square meter. On request, we also do the building assembly, finishing or other requested works. Everything starts with an project idea and ends when you satisfied with the “key in your hands”.


Telephone number: +370 652 46312
E-mail: info@priegole.lt

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